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    Today, science classes, the teacher asked us to walk into a classroom on two issues : "You guess.Rape about the number of dishes for each pod?

    how many there are in each pod vegetables rapeseed? "the teacher said just now.We will go on to answer : "21 dishes dioxin, 20 were rapeseed. "" Vanilla 50 dishes.Rapeseed 16 satellites. "" Vanilla more than 100 dishes, a few of rapeseed 30. ": : The teacher smiled mysteriously and said :"We have to solve this problem or to the fields!" We have come to the edge, a look at two days ago,here was still golden, every tree branches rape of a month full of dishes full unity of the pod looks a bit Shen

    .Careful observation pod vegetables, I saw so many seeds of its legs "while" a convex circular swelling, and the sharp tip;Has the "cloak" of dioxin -- vegetables, seeds inside the circle Liuliu, like so many small shiny glistening pearls, very pretty.Theirs was a combination of me and a few Qiuqi, two at several quickly finished several lengthy rape.

    When I find that the tree came over 400 pages of this strain of dioxin in food,They're helping to hang on branches stems.I have to adopt a vegetable dioxin from above, catching 27 rapeseed augmented.

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