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    小学英语作文The thief is coming小偷来袭

    小学英语作文The thief is coming小偷来袭

    This afternoon when I was sleeping, I was woken up by a noise from the living room.I got up to see what was happening.I was walking outward when suddenly I saw a stranger in the living room through the crack of the door.He was searching and throwing things here and there.He must be a thief. Then I called the police without causing his notice.The thief was caught easily.

    今天下午我在睡觉时被客厅的嘈杂声吵醒。我起床去看看有什么事。我正往外走时突然通过门缝看见客厅有一个陌生人。他正在翻东西关于坚持的作文,还把东西扔得到处都是。那一定是小偷。 然后我悄悄地报了警。小偷很容易就被抓住了。

    the 美好的回忆作文 有关感恩的作文 旅游英语作文 ing 关于坚持的作文
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